Polish Canadians Network
Sponsorship Program

Each Polish community organization* in Canada may have a link to its own website in the Polish Organization section on www.polishcanadians.ca. If your organization does not have a website yet, www.polishcanadians.ca is willing to create two information web pages for it; one in English and one in Polish.

For all those interested to have information pages about their organization please send us organization related material through the regular mail to:

Polish Canadians Network
Mountain Plaza P.O. Box 60533
Hamilton, ON L9C 5R0

or send us organization related information through the email webmaster@polishcanadians.ca

For more information please contact us at 905-525-9551 or email webmaster@polishcanadians.ca.

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* An organization is considered as one of the following: association, cabaret, choir, club, federation, folk dance assemble, foundation, library, organization, Polish language school, school of art, scouts, sport club, theatre, and youth association.